Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shh... Don't tell the Taliban

While contradicting statements keep coming, it's not that difficult to make out the actual story behind Osama's death.

Let's analyze the story at hand. The following are a few key points we're told:

1. Osama lived nearby the Pakistan Military Academy for years where every nook and cranny is cleared.

2. ISI, rated among the top intelligence agencies in the world didn't have any clue of his presence in such an area.

3. Four combat helicopters entered the Pakistan airspace up till the PMA (about 300 km assuming they came from the Afghan border) and Pakistan didn't have any idea.

4. There was a 40 minutes' operation near the PMA and still, Pakistan didn't have any idea until after they left.

5. All this happened while PAF didn't have any idea, though with all their state-of-the-art technological equipment, their response time to an airspace violation is 5 minutes.

6. The government, army and ISI, all made public statements/ apologies about their ignorance.

The response in Pakistan:
  1. Confusion and insult for the majority.
  2. Protests, funerals and tears by some religious parties.
  3. Terrible threats by the Taliban to attack Pakistan in every way.

Now, I'd like to bring to your attention a tweet of a journalist in the Guardian.
"Pak diplomat just told me: we have to play to our people's sensitivities. of course we were involved but we can't admit it"

Add that to the possibility that we were told about our involvement and imagine what the response would have been. I rest my case.