Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dear Departed...

Sanwal Javed- Son, brother, angel. (15th May 1990 - 19th February 2011)

Verily, He has sent us. And to Him shall we return.

There are a few people too good for this world, Sanwal Javed was one of them.
He was born with cystic fibrosis, which is a congenital defect concerning all secretions of the body. It is an incurable disease with a low life expectancy. But with the support and love of his family, he was able to live for more than 20 years. He developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia recently which did response to chemotherapy but the resulting suppression of his immune system caused a lethal infection. He stayed in an ICU in Canada for a few days until he left us for his final abode.

It's hard to describe someone like him. Cystic fibrosis patients are very prone to infections so he seldom came to Pakistan. I met him only about 10-15 times but you needed to meet him only once to love him. He was the incarnation of "See no evil, do no evil". A soul as pure as his, could not be that of a human. He was an angel. The only reason I could think of why the Divine decreed so is that God loved him more than we did.

May you rest in Heaven eternally.


  1. I've known Sanwal as a cousin, as a brother......when i came to know about the ALL disease, i called him and told him, bhai.....just know you can talk to me and what you cant tell anyone else, know you can tell me...and he did.....he told me he was tired, but he also told me he wanted to live and be healthy and he also told me he would make sure he fights.....and so he did....

    I have yet to come across a stonger man....a fighter, a soldier as her sister said.

    I love you much my brother......may you rest in peace and may you always be with us.

  2. Sanwal - mera chota bhai, meri jaan. my fighter, my hero, my soldier. Words cannot describe the pain in my heart without having you in my life. The purest bravest and kindest soul I have ever known. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. I know God has given you the finest place in heaven already and you are finally in peace and watching over us all. Miss you so much and love you to death.

    Wafa Javed

  3. Sanwal - One of the most energetic person I've ever seen. Knowing everything about himself and yet not losing it AT ALL until God wanted him to be there with HIM. I'm sure there is a lot of space in the lives of people who have been close to him and nothing can change this reality of life - where everything has to end one day ... Sooner or later. I'm sure his life has been a source of inspiration even after his departure.
    Just an idea to take this inspiration a level forward - Can we set up a blog with a daily recitation of small ayah's for the young chap? An Ayat everyday .. won't take more than a couple of minutes online :) I'm sure this would make him feel really really nice up there ...

    Love you Sanwal and loved your spirit!

    MAy Allah Bless you,

  4. The pain is mutual, we all loved him alike.
    The gap he left can never be filled.